Preliminary site reports

Our first publications on St. John’s Milton, the rescue excavation at Cromwell, and Milton and the old and new cemeteries at Lawrence are now out in Archaeology in New Zealand (the New Zealand Archaeological Association’s magazine). You can check out what we’ve been finding in the pdfs below.

We’re now moving into the second phase of analysis, with all of our specialists having a more in-depth look at the individuals from the sites, and the material culture associated with them.

Stay tuned for more detailed discoveries as soon as we make them!

Charlotte King

3 thoughts on “Preliminary site reports

  1. My great grand Parents James and Alice Wyber lived at Osaka end of 1890-to 1910 when they moved to Fairlie. Wyber family archive records held at Owaka
    Library since 2014-15. My sister Lynette Williams Nee Wyber spent 8 years, collated the above records.


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